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About Us

The enchanting scent and the warm glow of a candle can melt away stress of the day, providing a welcoming touch or to take you back to a simpler time. But, it takes a special company to light your heart and home as a candle should.


Being the new owner of Shaker Ridge Candle Company, my family and I are proud to carry on the Shaker Ridge Candle Company tradition. We will continue to produce the hand-poured and highly scented candles from our 1822 historic farm house in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. With the shaker name being synonymous with excellence, producing a quality product is imperative and it is wonderful that my family and I can present a candle collection of which we are proud.


Our main goal at Shaker Ridge Candle Company is to provide our customers with the finest American made candle possible. We meticulously choose only the finest ingredients from wax to containers an to scents. Each hand-poured candle is richly colored and infused with the maximum recommended fragrance for the experience your nose has been waiting for. Don't forget to contact us for any of your special requests.


What We Offer


The Shaker Collection:

The Shaker Collection is a wonderful compilation of both original artwork and vintage labels on both jars and tins, with & without our special grubby coating. View our Shaker Collection.


The Pantry Collection:

The Pantry Collection was inspired by my long time appreciation and collection of vintage canning labels. We offer a wide range of vintage labels on both jars and tins. Make sure your pantry is stocked! View our Pantry Collection.


The Primitive Collection:

The Primitive Collection showcases my own original Primitive inspired artwork on both jars and tins, with & without our special grubby coating. View our Primitive Collection.



David Tullio & Family

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